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Flashing and Rooting RedMi Note 3

I have wanted to root the RedMi Note 3 (红米3). Looking into the tutorials online, rooting with Linux for RedMi Note 3 does not seem to be an easy task.

Some useful guides helps, unofficial rooting and miui thread. Hope this guide helps in flash + root RedMi Note 3 officially with Linux. ^^

How I root? Unlock the bootloader officially, flash with china developer rom and then root it. Does it really worth it? The official su sucks so nope. :(

Important: Read this first, please note that Microsoft Windows is needed for unlocking the bootloader for MiFlashUnlock, tried wine but does not work.

Unlocking Bootloader

Rooting does not work on global rom so I use develper rom. Specifically, the China developer rom which does comes with china apps instead of google apps.

  1. Request to unlock from boot loader.
  2. Wait for few days (mine took 4 days).
  3. Download and install the MiFlash on Windows.
  4. Plug-in the phone and unlock it.

For mine, 红米Note3 全网通 最新 开发版.

Flashing Bootloader

After bootloader has been unlocked, use a Linux computer to flash bootloader.

  1. Get device ID (lsusb) and add to udev rules
  2. Goto fastboot: adb reboot bootloader or hold volume down + power on boot
  3. Get fastboot getvar product, download rom on miui (check name)
  4. Boot to fastboot after enabled Enable OEM Unlock in developer options
  5. After download, uncompress the rom file and run sudo sh
  6. Note: Data is gone after flashing

Setting up Device

After flashing, there's a few things you would like to do: