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Simple Tools for Development Environment

Development environment accustomed to me. pickfire's dotfiles

Window Manager

Tiling window manager, I like dwm.


Simple status bar for dwm, not click-able, not colour-able. Use a simple C script to lower the processing cost as it runs every second. Current status:

♪ 100% ⚡ AC │ ↓ 1.2k ↓ 0 │ / 80% ~ 70% │ 0.12 │ Mon Fed 28 00:00:00


I use st as it is fast and support true colors (my ultimate motive).


Note: I am not a participatant of the editor wars, I use vi-like keys just to prevent »little-finger ache«

neovim as a stylish vi-editor with fast vim-plug as the plugin manager.