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Prepare Yourself like there is No Tomorrow

I just hope that my computer never dies, but no one can guarantee that.

Homemade Benchmark (Compression)

I did a benchmark for different compression algorithms implementations such as pixz, xz, gzip, brotli, bzip2.


Just in case!

No one is perfect! And so am I, sometimes I still accidentally deleted some files. Here are some file recovery tips:

If file still opened in an application

I will demonstrate this by deleting the pdf file while I am still viewing it in zathura pdf viewer.

  1. Check the PID of the application with pgrep zathura (or ps aux | grep zathura), output: 10678
  2. Lists the opened files file /proc/10678/fd/* (or ls -l) and find the pdf file labeled (deleted)
  3. Copy that by cat /proc/10678/fd/13 > lv.pdf and you should be able to view your file now.

If file/directory not overwritten yet on ext3/ext4 file system

If possible, unmount the partition or else get a live rescue disk with extundelete. After the partition is unmounted, use extundelete --undelete-files.

Warning: Make sure that the file really isn't overwritten (no mkdir dir/no touch file)