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Raster Graphic -> Vector Graphic (by hand)

The advantages of Vector Graphic over Raster Graphic:

I have been given a task to change the fisherman's logo (15k) into a high resolution svg. I am using the inkscape editor to do this task.

Getting started


  1. Import (Ctrl+I) the background.
  2. Toggle the Layers with Shift+Ctrl+L.
  3. Create 2 new layers (one for the word and one for hook).
    • Lock the background layer just to make sure it's safe.
    • Tips: Lower the opacity on non-background to copy easier.
    • Tips: Enter 4 to zoom to the width of the drawing.

Drawing the words


  1. Switch to the second layer (Ctrl+PageUp).
  2. Use Shift+F6 to draw the curves and straight lines.
  3. Select those words that have inner part (eg. R).
  4. Use Subtract with Ctrl+- to remove those inner parts.
  5. Select those words that have overlapped part (eg. RM).
  6. Use Union with Ctrl++ for parts that are overlapped.

After drawing

  1. select all of it.
  2. Toggle the Fill and Stroke with Shift+Ctrl+L.
  3. Use a flat color for the fill and disable the stroke color.

Drawing the anchor


  1. Switch to the third layer (Ctrl+PageUp).
  2. Hide (the eye button) the second layer to focus on the anchor.
  3. Draw the empty space (anchor) in the words and fill the gaps.
    • Tips: Use a random color to draw the anchor to draw easier.
  4. Select the anchor and toggle the Fill and Stroke.
  5. Max out the options in the RGB section to make it white.

The final farewell


  1. In Document Properties (Shift+Ctrl+D), set custom size and resize page to drawing.
  2. Save (Ctrl+S) the file as a backup copy.
  3. Delete the background layer and Unhide the other layers.
  4. Save As (Shift+Ctrl+S) the file as an optimized svg.
    • Remove XML indentation and tons of stuff to keep it minimal.
  5. TADA Work done!