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Moving Fire on the Go! - ABRACADABRA

Pixel Art


Some time after I created that unpleasant fire, I make up my mind to create a better fire (pixel art) that move (partly inspired by an dancing banana image). I plan to use aseprite.


Draw two image (32x32px each, skip to the Fixing to read more about what I did wrongly) side-by-side to set an alternative image.


Use tab to open the timeline and press Alt + n to create a new frame. Try to rotate some part and modify it to make it looks like it is moving.



To enlarge the image, I use imagemagick. Note interesting fork that is fast, graphicsmagick where everything is prefixed with gm.

convert input.gif -scale 125% output.gif

Note: as a side effect, the fire seems to shake. Nice one @Max-P


Later on, I figured out not to manually enlarge it but to enlarge the canvas size by 8px (40px now) and redraw everything.



After drawing it, I plan to create another image that have blue flame instead of red flame by extending the canvas size by another 40px horizontally.

  1. Use Rectangular Marquee Tool or press m and select the red flame.
  2. Ctrl + click and paste the image next to it.
  3. In Edit -> Invert, ignore green component and apply to all cell in the sprite.





Add <a id=fire href="/"> to index.html. Modify style.css:

#fire {
	display: inline-block;
	width: 40px; height: 40px;
	background: url(/img/fire.gif);
#fire:hover     { background-position:-40px 0; }
#fire:active	{ background-position:-80px 0; }

This move the background to another position when it is during hover or active.


The biggest loser of file size is done by hand, I choose to least colors needed to color the fire (tough choice), normalizing the colors. At last, I reduce the color palette from ~30 to 7 with the file size reduced by at least by 40% IIRC.

Rather than separating two different color on a separate position. We can make use of filter property in CSS to do color invert to reduce file size by ~20%. Later, I then remove the separate blue block from each frame and have use this:

#fire {
	display: inline-block;
	margin: 0 5px 5px 0;
	width: 40px; height: 40px;
	text-indent: -9em;
	background-image: url(/pub/fire.gif);
#fire:hover		{ background-position:-40px 0; }
#fire:active	{ filter: hue-rotate(90deg); }

In addition, use gifsicle and try out option -O and k to shrink it more.